Kwikset Obsidian (Z-wave Plus Version)

Kwikset Obsidian


  • Smart, low-profile design with a cut-glass surface
  • Keyless Accessibility – Enter your house with user codes in place of having to carry keys
  • Dedicated button for One-Touch Locking, to easily lock your door
  • Innovative Touchscreen is extra responsive to touch for instant screen display and quick user code entry
  • SecureScreen™ Patented tech helps prevent code detection via fingerprints left on the touchscreen
  • Utilize up to 16 customizable user codes for improved security
  • Mastercode offers improved user access code managing
  • Alarm will sound after 3 incorrect codes are consecutively entered and temporarily locks out the screen
  • Keywayless entry – no more hiding keys and no keyway to pick or bump
  • Tamper-resistant interior cover stops unauthorized access to programming buttons
  • Device will beep and flash when batteries are low
  • Uses a 9V battery as a backup power-source in case the main batteries run out


  • Part Number: 99530-001
  • Item Weight: 3.01 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 3.49 x 5.37 x 9.87 inches
  • Batteries: (1) 9V batteries required.
  • Item Package Quantity: 1
  • Display Style: Touch screen
  • Battery Cell Type: Alkaline