Illuminate Your Home: The Aura™ Illuminated Shade by Hunter Douglas

Apr 25, 2024

All Systems Integrated is proud to introduce the revolutionary Aura™ Illuminated Shade

The Aura™ Shade by Hunter Douglas, an exclusive offering that combines sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology. As one of the limited dealers in our state, we bring you a window covering solution that not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also elevates its functionality to new heights.

Unveiling the Aura™: A Fusion of Form and Function

The Aura™ Illuminated Shade is more than just a window covering, it’s a statement piece that transforms the way you experience light and space in your home. Available in two versions—PowerView® and PowerView+® wired—as well as an 18V DC plug-in option for single shade or retrofit applications, the Aura™ Shade seamlessly integrates into your home’s existing setup, offering convenience and style in equal measure.

The Art of Style: Exploring Aura™’s Three Shade Styles

One of the defining features of the Aura™ Shade is its versatility in style. Choose from three distinct shade styles—Sonnette®, Vignette®, and Roller Shade—each crafted to blend seamlessly with your home’s decor while providing unparalleled light control. Additionally, every Aura™ Shade comes with a room-darkening Roller Shade at the back, giving you the flexibility to create the perfect ambiance for any time of day or night.

Illuminating Innovation: Integrated LED Lights for Ambient Brilliance

What sets the Aura™ Shade apart is its innovative use of integrated LED lights within the headrail. These LEDs not only add a touch of elegance to your window coverings but also serve a practical purpose. Whether you’re looking to enhance the ambiance of a room or gently wake up to increasing light in the morning, the Aura™ Shade’s LED lights can be customized using the PowerView® App. Adjust the lighting color from cool to warm and ramp up the intensity gradually, creating a personalized lighting experience that complements your lifestyle.

Aura™ Illuminated Shades by Hunter Douglas

Design Meets Functionality: Inside Mounting for Optimal Performance

To ensure optimal performance and housing of its light properties, the Aura™ Shade is designed for inside mounting. With a minimum depth requirement of 2 ½” to fully recessed at 4 ½”, this window covering offers flexibility for different window configurations. Whether you’re updating your spa room, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom, dining area, or home theater, the Aura™ Shade seamlessly integrates with your space, providing a harmonious blend of functionality and style.

Elevate Your Home with Aura™: Applications and Benefits

The Aura™ Illuminated Shade is not just a window covering; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Imagine waking up to gently increasing light in your bedroom or setting the perfect ambiance for a relaxing evening in your spa room. With its combination of room-darkening and light-filtering capabilities, the Aura™ Shade is perfect for every room in your home, from bedrooms to dining rooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms, and more.

Here are some key benefits of incorporating the Aura™ Shade into your home:

Enhanced Ambiance: Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from cozy evenings to vibrant mornings, with customizable lighting options.

Improved Light Control: Enjoy precise control over natural light, allowing you to optimize energy efficiency and comfort throughout the day.

Stylish Versatility: Choose from three stylish shade styles—Sonnette®, Vignette®, and Roller Shade—each designed to complement your home’s aesthetic while providing practical benefits.

Seamless Integration: The Aura™ Shade seamlessly integrates into your home’s existing setup, offering a cohesive look and feel across all your windows.

Personalized Experience: Use the PowerView® App to schedule lighting color changes, adjust intensity, and create personalized lighting scenes that suit your lifestyle.

Illuminate Your Home: The Aura™ Illuminated Shade by Hunter Douglas 1

Transform Your Space Today

Ready to experience the transformative power of the Aura™ Illuminated Shade from Hunter Douglas with ASI NW? Contact us today to learn more about this innovative window covering solution and schedule a consultation with our experts. Illuminate your home with Aura™ and discover a new level of comfort, style, and functionality.


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