Smart Arming Feature

Dec 23, 2022

First-to-Market Smart Arming Feature

In an announcement earlier this month, launched Smart Arming. This new feature learns from user activity, intelligently arming the smart system when the household goes to bed and disarming it when they wake up.

Distinguished by its unique features, this innovation earned the prestigious title of CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, setting it apart from any other offerings in the current market. Dubbed “Smart Arming,” this cutting-edge system boasts a user-friendly and intuitive setup process that empowers users to effortlessly determine when they want their security system to activate during the night, such as 10 PM, and when to deactivate it in the morning, for instance, at 6 AM.

smart arming

Once these parameters are established, users can seamlessly go about their daily routines. In a stroke of brilliance, if an occupant rises earlier than the preset time, the system has the innate ability to detect motion from within and disarm itself automatically. Furthermore, users have the option to set specific time intervals for the system to disarm when it senses activity outside of the scheduled arming or disarming periods.

This remarkable adaptability serves as a formidable solution to the perennial issue of false alarms, delivering unparalleled convenience and ease of use to all homeowners. It’s worth noting that Smart Arming is provided to all users at absolutely no cost.

Abe Kinney, the Senior Director of Product Management at, succinctly captures the essence of this innovation, stating, “Smart home technology should be adaptable to the homeowner. Smart Arming not only alleviates concerns about accidental alarms triggered by children but also eliminates the need to educate holiday visitors on how to operate the system.” & ASI

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These solutions have been made available to many satisfied customers, from security, video, and access control to intelligent automation energy management and wellness. Want to learn more about what we can do for you?

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