Back-To-School Home Security Tips

Aug 4, 2022

The beginning of a new school year is right around the corner. While parents are no doubt focused on school supplies, home security should also be at the forefront of every back-to-school checklist. Parents shouldn’t overlook having a smart security system as part of afterschool safety measures. Professional and self-monitoring can also be an excellent tool for working parents to keep an extra eye out for their kids until they get home. Let’s look over a few tips to make sure your home and children are secure:


Being instantly notified when something is out of the ordinary could ease many parents’ minds. Using the app, anyone can be alerted when their system is armed, disarmed, and more. For instance, a now-show alert will notify you if a specified user hasn’t disarmed the system by a specific time or date.

User Codes

A physical key could be easily lost, meaning children could be locked out of the house after school. They don’t have to be with a unique User Code and smart lock. Even if your kids forget their code, you can still let them into the home remotely, thanks to the app.

Video Monitoring

Want to check in on your children after school? A doorbell camera can send you an alert whenever someone is at the door, while an indoor security camera can be used to view what’s going on around the house remotely. Not only does it allow for peace of mind whenever your kids are home alone, but it also keeps an eye out for suspicious activity while you’re away, thanks to Video Analytics.

Check it out:

A new school year is upon us, so now’s the perfect time to improve your home security. If you’re interested in installing or upgrading your home security, call or email us today!


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