School is Out, and Safety is In

Apr 28, 2022

Summer is right around the corner, school is out, and your family may be planning a vacation. While you may be taking some time off, your home’s security shouldn’t.

Increased chance of burglary

Summertime is a popular time for thieves to make their move. More people are outside, and while families are away on vacation, burglaries can increase by 11% over the summer. This research also confirms you’re also more likely to have something stolen outside your home.

Take care with the following security tips:

  • Avoid sharing vacation plans online. Choose to share about it afterward to avoid alerting a
    potential burglar of an empty home.
  • Install a professionally monitored security system – it’s the single most effective crime
    deterrent, affording you and your family peace of mind.
  • Use yard signs and window stickers for advertising that your home uses a security system.

Playground and swimming pool injuries

While your kids may spend more time playing outside in the coming months, you should still be on the lookout for potential hazards in your backyard.

Did you know?

  • Playgrounds account for up to 200,000 injuries per year
  • The majority of injuries occur from falls on the ground
  • 48% of swimming pool accidents take place at home
  • Keep track of where young children are by installing an outdoor contact sensor on doors or
    gateways leading to pools or other hazardous areas.

Fire danger from outdoor grills

The fantastic weather and extra time with family and friends mean many folks choose to grill outside. Fire safety should always be a priority no matter where you prepare your food. Use the following tips to make sure your summer cookout goes off without a hitch:

  • Set up your grill a proper distance away from your home, overhanging roofs or branches, and
    deck railings.
  • Before starting your propane grill, check for gas leaks using soapy water.
  • Allow coals to cool overnight before disposing of them.
  • Don’t leave grills unattended. In 2019, over 19,000 people went to the hospital for injuries
    involving a grill.
  • Use a 24/7 monitored fire system to alert the authorities in the event of a fire quickly

Safety doesn’t take a summer vacation

The coming months will be a perfect opportunity for your family to relax and spend time together. Don’t let the fun be ruined by neglecting simple safety measures. Reach out to All Systems Integrated to get your home security in shape for the coming months.


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