ISC West 2022 Announcements

Apr 1, 2022

ISC West 2022 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 22 to 25. Like every year, exhibitors from across the globe have showcased the latest and greatest in Alarm Monitoring, Access Control, Surveillance, and more.

Today, we’ll focus on a few of ASI’s partners and what they’ve shared this year during this security trade expo’s highly anticipated in-person return.

Qolsys (Johnson Controls)

Several innovations from Qolsys were announced this week, chief among them being the IQ Pro. Geared toward commercial use, this panel combines critical features from the IQ Panel platform and the PowerSeries Neo from DSC, two industry-leading products in their respective spaces. This panel seeks to address the needs of SMBs, primarily residential, campus, and K-12 clients.

This panel offers increased installation flexibility over WiFi or Ethernet while simultaneously communicating via LTE. Dual-Path connectivity improves redundancy and reliability while integrating with services.

IQ WiFi 6 is a new mesh router for homes and businesses using security, automation, and WiFi-enabled devices. Pairing with the IQ Panel, this will deliver unified security and network throughout the site, maintained by the end-user and service providers via the panel, iOS, Android apps, and the website.

Speaking of, the industry leader in smart control systems, had a few new cameras to showcase. The Pro-Series camera line is NDAA compliant and designed for commercial use. With a host of new features, like high-resolution 4MP recording, varifocal lenses, and Business Analytics insight tools, business owners can count on the Pro Series to be there when they need it most.


Called the TOC (or, Three-in-One Camera), Dahua’s latest offering boasts impressive new features like warm-light LEDs, red-and-blue active alarm flashing lights, and two-way audio. This camera is built to not only record incidents but also to deter them before they even happen.

Using the shorthand of “lights, camera, action,” Dahua’s product marketing director Jennifer Hackenburg says, “The camera helps our customers actively direct security operations while decreasing the need for on-site personnel.”

Smart Illumination solves the issue of recording video at night. When a target is detected within the area, warm light allows for clear footage of the event. After this, a pre-recorded message can be played to deter an intruder further. With Dahua’s VoiceCatcher technology, the dual microphone can pick up audio at a greater distance than traditional microphones while reducing the background noise.

What another great showcase from ISC West! We look forward to seeing what comes next from the presenters, but until then, you can keep an eye on the latest and significant developments in custom electronics, IoT, and smart systems right here on our blog!

If you’re interested in any of the above products, get in touch with us today!


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