4 Simple Ways to Save On Energy Bills

Jan 7, 2022

Have your energy bills skyrocketed this year? Plenty of us saw spikes in our electricity bills as
a consequence of staying home.

Applying some energy-saving measures can be a viable solution to save on energy bills– though difficult if your family is
constantly adjusting the thermostat at all hours of the day. We have a new means of taking on this
issue without keeping the home thermostat under lock and key.

With the help of Alarm.com technology, All Systems Integrated makes it easier than ever to save money
and energy while automating your home’s lighting, heating, A/C, and more. Read on to learn how
anyone can use their smart home system to cut costs and save on energy bills.

Automatically save on energy bills when leaving home

A giant waste of household energy comes from the cooling and heating of your house when no one is
home. Smart thermostats prevent this issue by automatically adjusting your home’s temperature when
you’re away, thanks to a feature called Geo-Services. This detects both when the house is vacant and
when you’re arriving so your home’s temperature can be perfectly adjusted the moment you step
foot through the door.

To activate and adjust your smart thermostat, Geo-Services utilizes your phone and the Alarm.com app.
(and other devices, including lighting) based on proximity to your house.

Stop heating and cooling the outside

An additional benefit to having a smart thermostat integrated with your home is that your security system intelligently recognizes when a door or window has been left open.

None of us are perfect, and windows and entryways can be left open accidentally at any time, causing
your energy bill to the run up. At the same time, the thermostat tries to regulate the temperature. Alarm.com’s app
integrates all your home’s smart systems into one place, pausing your heater or A/C system to help save on energy bills while also
sending you a notification about that door that was left ajar. Once it’s closed, the thermostat resumes as

Keep lighting on a schedule

In recent years, lightbulbs have come a long way to becoming more energy efficient. However, you can
still cut back on your energy bill by automating your light fixtures.
Smart lights – also connected to your Alarm. com-powered security system – can be set to a daily
schedule, changing by the time of day, when it gets dark, or whether anyone’s home.

It’s also easy to control whole room lighting with Scenes, a smart feature that allows for instant changes
across devices with just the touch of a button.

Easily turn off energy-wasting devices

Many do not consider a common source of energy waste is standard household devices that
passively consume electricity while not in use – even when you think you’ve turned them off. This
waste, called “standby waste,” could be the cause of up to 10% of your electricity bill. Typical offenders
include TVs, DVRs, game consoles, cable boxes, and coffee machines.
Smart plugs are the key to cutting back on this hidden waste by cutting off the power supply to these
devices when not in use. This can help you cut costs and save on energy bills. Smart plugs can be easily controlled in your Alarm.com app manually, by automated schedule, or even with a voice-activated Scene.

Are you looking for even more ways to save on energy bills?
All Systems Integrated partners with Alarm.com and their smart home security technology save you
time, worry, and can help you save on energy bills. To get started, contact us directly via the form

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