How to Protect Your Home and Garage With a Home Security System

Aug 14, 2021

When checking home security, many people overlook garage entry as a weak spot. Your garage gives a criminal cover and easy access to alternate access entries to your house, as well as a way to store illegal items. It is also not suspicious if a work van or truck is parked directly outside a home security garage. This article will explain how to secure your garage door opener and prevent an intruder from entering your home through an opened garage door.

The first step you need to take is to upgrade your garage security system. The best way to protect your home and garage entry is with a high-quality deadbolt that a burglar can’t pick. Many homeowners have had experience with the old traditional deadbolt locking systems, but they are easily defeated. A modern lock installed by a professional can be an effective way to protect your home and prevent an intruder from entering through a garage door.

It is also essential to use proper locks on your garage door. The keyless entry system is becoming more popular and is the preferred method to protect a garage entry. A home security company can monitor these systems, and a silent alarm can be activated should someone trigger the system.

There are also several ways to protect your garage from unwanted visitors. Adding window coverings such as plastic shades or blinds is an excellent way to block out sunlight and prevent the potential for a criminal to break in. Installing weatherstripping is also an effective way to protect your garage. Most of these systems are simple and are easily installed using screws and nails.

An excellent way to improve your garage’s security is to add a motion sensor light system. These lights will be triggered when someone crosses the perimeter of the garage area. These systems cost around $100, but they provide outstanding value for money. The lights will automatically turn on, which means you don’t have to worry about walking around your garage to turn them on.

A home security system and garage door can go hand in hand. If you are wondering how to protect your home and your garage from the threat of an intruder, consider purchasing one of these easy to install home security options. They will not only make your home safer, but they will also increase the value of your home. Your home is worth protecting, and by taking the time to secure your garage with a sound home security system, you are doing your part to protect your home and increase its worth.

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