What Makes a Good in Home Security Camera?

Jul 24, 2021

You’ve probably heard from a friend or our previous blog articles about how important it is to have a good in-home security camera. It’s no secret they help to protect your loved ones and your prized possessions, but there are a lot of different cameras, so we’ll help you find one that fits your house the best.

What Makes a Good in Home Security Camera? 1

ADC-V523 Indoor 1080p Wi-Fi Camera: This powerful camera allows two walk talk microphones and a high-quality camera that allows HDR quality. This is perfect for those who want the industry-standard indoor security camera experience.

What Makes a Good in Home Security Camera? 2

The Dahua 5 MP 5-in-1 network camera: This camera has everything you would expect from a security camera. The high-quality camera, microphone, Alarm.com app integration, dual illuminating lights. It’s ideal for those who want a camera that can do anything in any location.

What Makes a Good in Home Security Camera? 3

The ADC-VC836 turrent camera: Similar to a standard indoor camera, you can also use it outside. This means this camera is super durable and can withstand any environment in the household. This is the ideal camera if you’re worried something will happen to it. The features have all the standard utilities, such as a high-quality camera, microphones, and alarm.com app integration.

These are actually only a few of our selections at ASI Northwest, so be sure to browse around to know what’s best for you.

We also have a friendly and helpful way to contact us just in case you have any questions.

Happy shopping!


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