Product Feature: 16-Channel Commercial-Grade SVR (CSVR-126)

Jun 11, 2021

The CSVR126 is a commercial-grade Stream Video Recorder (SVR) that works by storing footage taken from cameras and uploading footage to be viewed from the dashboard or app. With up to 16 channels and 2TB of storage, this SVR is suited for any location: business or residence.

While cameras are still usable without an SVR, this device allows you to set up a recording schedule or a continuous 24hr recording. On their own, these cameras will initiate recording based on motion, audio, or other established triggers based on your settings.

The only way to create a continuous recording or set recording schedules is with an SVR. This is also the only way to view footage from your cameras locally without accessing your ADC account. As long as your SVR has a stable Internet connection, any footage saved to the SVR will be accessible from your account.

Using the CSVR216 presents a big advantage for those looking to keep secure backups of their recordings. For example, an SVR can save camera footage during an Internet outage by keeping a local backup. So long as your router remains powered on, the footage will be passed from your cameras to the SVR.

Once the internet connection is restored, the SVR will send the saved footage to the Cloud for remote viewing. For this reason, creating a backup power source for your router is a smart idea.’s CSVR-126 is compatible with ADC cameras and an active service. As an official partner with, All Systems Integrated can provide you with quality installation and support for your ADC surveillance system and the multitude of other ADC systems and services for your business or home.

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