Create an Independent Living Solution with Our Wellcam

May 14, 2021

Do you find it challenging to stay connected to a parent or family member who lives on their own? The
ADC-V622 Wellcam, created by, is for you. It’s a great way to stay closer with your loved ones
to ensure they stay safe and well.

In 2019, security professional Bobby Pullen of Hawk Security Services in Dallas installed an ADC-V622
camera at his mother’s home. Here is their story:

Check In More Often

“I feel like my generation… are very busy in general,” Bobby says. “We’re always active.” Though he lives
only an hour away, family and work commitments mean he can’t visit Margarete as often as he’d like.
Their ADC-V622 Wellcam helps bridge the gap.

Working as an add-on to Bobby’s personal home security system, Margarete’s Wellcam connects
directly to her son’s app. That way, it’s simple for him to quickly check in with Margarete,
confirm that everything is okay, and say hi – or “visit” for a longer conversation if they want.
“The app is crazy easy,” he says. “You just pop it up, click and say hello—and she talks back.”
“We get to visit a lot more than we used to,” smiles Margarete. “I look forward to him calling.”

Simpler Than a Phone Call

For Margarete, The ADC-V622 has several advantages over a phone. Her camera’s call-out button
connects her directly to Bobby’s smartphone—no dialing required—for a clear, hands-free conversation
via the two-way speaker.

“With a phone, you can’t hear as good at my age,” Margarete says. “But this is almost like he’s sitting
right here with you.”

“It can be hard to stop what you’re doing and make a phone call,” Bobby adds. “You might spend 15 or
20 minutes tied up on the phone. But with this, it’s a quick two or three-minute ‘hello,’ and you’re going
about your day.

Making a Difference

In addition to keeping his family more connected, the ADC-V622 Wellcam helps assure that Margarete
and her husband are safe and secure. Along with the Wellcam, Bobby installed a full
powered Wellness solution, which integrates activity monitoring utilizing the ADC-V622 camera’s
motion detector and other sensors.

“It’s an evolution in home security technology,” Bobby explains. “It learns what’s normal, and when
something abnormal occurs, it notifies someone [about the abnormal activity]. For example, maybe someone is
getting up in the night more than normal: it could be a sign that they’re getting sick or not taking their
meds properly. The system alerts you before it becomes an emergency room call. I’m proud to have
found something that makes a difference.”

“You don’t even know it’s here,” says Margarete. “But if something does go wrong, it’s here to protect
you and let someone know. It’s really helped a lot; I feel a lot more secure.”

Whether you’re keeping an eye out on those you love or trying to make more time in your day to stay in
touch, the ADC-V622 Wellcam from is perfect for any Wellness solution. All Systems
Integrated is a proud partner with because we believe in delivering professional quality
solutions that work for you and are meant to last.

Get in touch for more info, and schedule an appointment with us today for a free consultation.


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