5 Summertime Risks and How to Prevent Them

May 28, 2021

The weather is changing, it’s time to go outside, relax, and enjoy your family and home.
While making the most of the summertime, we should all be aware of several seasonal safety issues that
this time of year can bring. Read on for these five dangers and don’t let them cloud your summer.

1: Burglaries can increase by 11% over the summer

Due to longer daylight hours, homeowners going on vacation, and more people being outside,
summertime is ideal for burglars. Research conducted by the Department of Justice confirms
this fact, as you’re more likely to have something stolen from outside your home during the summer
months. Here are several ways you can combat this increase in theft:

  • Take note of outdoor security. If you already have a security system, be sure that it’s visible to
    any passersby, either by using yard signs and stickers or through the use of surveillance
  • Avoid advertising your travel plans online. If you take a trip, it’s wise to post about it afterward
    rather than notify a potential burglar ahead of your absence.
  • Don’t use a security system? Having one is the single most effective crime prevention move you
    can make. For complete peace of mind, use professional 24/7 monitoring with your system.

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2: Playground sets are a factor in up to 200,000 home injuries per year

Kids are remarkable in their ability to shake off a bump or bruise. However, home playground sets can
pose serious dangers. Take the following steps to make sure that things stay fun around your backyard,
swing set, or trampoline:

  • Inspect outdoor playground equipment annually. Winter weather can take a toll on play sets
    that have not overwise been used in months. Look for sharp edges, loose bolts, platforms, and
    guardrails, and remove any tripping hazards.
  • The majority of injuries occur from falls to the ground. Consider using mulch or rubber mats
    around outdoor playgrounds to lessen the impact of a fall.
  • Keeps a watchful eye on small children playing outside. If your kids like to run outside without
    telling you, consider installing a contact sensor on your back door with a custom notification for
    whenever it’s opened.

3: Forty-eight percent of swimming pool injuries take place at residential homes

The home swimming pool is great for summer fun, but with it comes new ways for kids to slip, trip or
become injured. To make the most of poolside safety, think like a lifeguard (whistle optional) and set
some rules.

  • Learn pool safety as a family. Be sure those who can’t swim well on their own have proper
    flotation devices on them, and always have a supervising adult present when children are in the
  • To prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces, teach kids not to run around the pool.
  • Establish ground rules that specify when the pool is off-limits. Fencing or a gate is important to
    keeping children out when you’re not available. For additional security, use a contact sensor to
    receive an alert when the gate is opened. Alarm.com’s Insights Engine provides intelligent
    Unexpected Activity notifications whenever something out of the norm happens.

4: One out of three burglaries don’t require a break-in

Not every burglary is carefully planned out. Many are simply crimes of opportunity, and there’s no
opportunity like an open garage, window, or door. So while enjoying your outdoor space, be mindful of
what you leave open.
The best security system for your home will have these components:

  • A garage door opener controlled by a key fob and/or phone app for simple entry and lockup.
  • Geo-services tech that sends alerts directly to your phone whenever you leave a door or window
  • A ‘Scenes’ feature that allows you to secure your whole house with a single touch or voice
    command via Siri Shortcut.

5: Grills cause over ten thousand house fires each year

Cooking disasters are easy to laugh off, but not this one. Fire safety, inside or out, should always be a
priority. Always set up your grill a safe distance away from your house, roof eaves, deck railings, and
overhanging tree branches.

  • When grilling with propane, check for gas leaks at least once a year by applying soapy water. If
    you see bubbles forming; it’s time to get your grill serviced.
  • When using charcoal, invest in a chimney starter. Never apply charcoal fluid when a grill is
    already lit and allow your coals to cool overnight before disposing of them.
  • Don’t leave grills unattended. Keep children and pets away while they’re in use. Last year, over
    19,000 people went to the hospital for injuries involving a grill.

Want more ways to keep your home safe this summer?

Get your home’s security in shape with All Systems Integrated. As a smart home security installer, we
can easily outfit your home with the latest devices for in-home safety and surveillance, including smart
, video cameras, and professional 24/7 monitoring services for fire and break-ins. Best of all, you
and your family can easily use our systems with a single smartphone app.

Get in touch today to find out more and get started on having a safer home this summer!


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