Use Smart Technology to Protect your Children this Spring

Apr 29, 2021

Leaving your children home alone can be frightening, but with today’s technology, there are more ways
than ever before to keep your family safe.

We put together this list of safety tips all parents should know before leaving their kid home alone.

Childproof Your House

Plan and start childproofing your house long before you leave your children alone. You may use
these measures to childproof your home:

  • Set child security locks on any cabinets with alcohol, medication, chemicals, etc.
  • Put kid locks on the stove.
  • Add covers to electrical outlets.
  • Set child security gates in front of stairs and doorways if some younger children are in the

Secure Your House

Every house should have working smoke detectors as a fire safety measure. Take an extra step and add
carbon monoxide detectors too. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that may be hazardous,
so it’s worth the added protection to have these detectors in your home. Combination CO and smoke
are great for homes, detecting two sources of danger in one device.

Another simple technique to add to your home is a security system with window and door detectors.
Depending upon how you decide to configure them, these detectors could trigger an alert on your
phone, have our monitoring center call your contact list, and trigger a siren to scare any potential

Just putting a sign in your yard can deter possible pests whenever you aren’t home, but your
best bet is to prepare an advanced security monitoring system that you could arm and disarm right from
your phone. Add safety cameras and get a life or recorded view of what’s going on within your house–
at any moment–on your phone, tablet computer, or computer.

Secure the Backyard

Whether you have a pool or a small pond in your yard, put a fence up and lock the gate to prevent
children from falling in or drowning. If you use insecticides or pesticides, please don’t allow your children
or pets into the yard alone for at least 48 hours after application, so no exposure to these

Set Some Rules with Your Children

Anytime you add your children to the decision-making process, they’ll feel more empowered and are
more inclined to follow the principles you all create together. There could be some non-
negotiable principles, but write them down together to help keep you and your children on the same

Use these suggestions to start the conversation:

  • Ask your children to call you once they get home from school or their friends’ houses.
  • They can’t leave home unless it’s an emergency.
  • Define what a crisis means and also what the action plan is in that situation.
  • Agree that you’ll be home on time or telephone if you’re running late.

Make a List of Resources

Just as you would with a teenager, give your children a list of significant telephone numbers! A neighbor
you trust the closest family member, your phone number, and some other emergency numbers which
maybe helpful.

All Systems Integrated can help you secure your family’s home and give you a greater sense of ease that
your kids are safe and secure – even when you’re not there. Contact us today for a consultation. We’ll
be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you choose the best system for your home
and family.


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