Prepare for the Oscars with a Home Theatre System

Mar 19, 2021

If you’re planning to upgrade your home theater in preparation for the Oscars, here’s a brief list of what
you need to make the right setup.

A properly planned and built home theater will give you many hours of entertainment with your loved
ones and friends in your own home.

If you’re a household of 5 going to the films, you’re going to spend between $50-$75 right away, and
that’s before your popcorn and soft drink are added in. Many streaming platforms are premiering
feature-length movies to your living room over the silver screen, at a fraction of the ticket price. How
many times spending $100+ on the films does it take before the idea of your very own private home
cinema becomes appealing?

If you’re at the point where you’re seriously considering building a home theater room, here’s what you
need to know:

1. Television or projector with screen

Without the right picture, you’re going to miss out on the action. If you’re going for the complete
cinema experience with major screen dimensions, the projector is the best way to go.
In case you don’t have the room to devote to a projector and screen, your next smartest choice is a 4K
ultra-high-definition (UHD) TV. Look for an OLED screen with High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby
vision support, for the right viewing experience. A Television has to have at least 120hz video processing
for seeing fast action. If you’re searching for 3D functionality, many projectors and fully featured
televisions have it.

2. Surround sound speakers 

A great picture is just half of the equation. Many people mistakenly think audio technology has not
changed much, and thus give low effort to its importance.

In truth, if you’re doing a home theater system right, you will need at least 5.1 surround sound. This
means there are 3 front speakers (left, center, right), two surround speakers (back left, back right), and 1
subwoofer. Another common surround sound format is 7.1, which has more surround speakers. Most of
the sound still comes from the front speakers, so if you’re going to spend the money on speakers,
ensure you give the front 3 channels precedence.

3. Sound Amplifier

You have your picture, you have your speakers, but you want a receiver to process everything and
amplify your sound. Basically, a receiver organizes the audio and video signals for your entire home
theater system. Even if you already have a receiver, it may not be compatible with newer equipment.
Your receiver may not have High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs on it, which all modern
devices now utilize.

An older receiver may not have the latest surround sound codecs. Also, it may not have a 3D signal if you’re searching for that functionality. Receivers now are networkable, so you can stream music directly

from your computer using Spotify or Pandora, for example. A modern receiver needs to have the power
to amplify sound for your speakers – it’s a crucial part of any home theater experience.

Above all, don’t lose sight of the entire point of a home theater room; for the enjoyment of you and
your loved ones. This is not a flashy car or a watch for the entire world to see, this is your very own
personal space to unwind, relax, and bond with those closest to you.

This is where your family can enjoy the quality time together watching a movie or your favorite TV show.
This is where you and your friends can watch every game in the comfort of your very own house, no
season tickets required. So, when you’re considering a home theater system, consider how you’ll use
and appreciate it in your everyday life. Get in touch with us today to start your journey towards your
own personal cinema experience!


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