Meet the all in one Smarter Access Control for your Business

Mar 26, 2021

As a business owner, have you ever wished you could be in two places at once? With Smarter Access
Control from, you can be! Whether you’re checking to see your employee opened the shop
on time, a delivery was made to the right place, or keeping an eye on the inventory of your stock room,
we have you covered with one convenient app.


Get an alert to your phone whenever key events happen. See who opened the store at what time, along
with a video clip that verifies it was the employee. Did a door get left propped open after delivery was
made? What about an employee entering the stock room after closing hours? Get notification directly
to your phone whenever something important happens and review the event history to verify with
video what exactly went on.

Access Management

Unique credentials can be created for every user, as well as timed and limited access, so you always
have control over who goes where and when. Credentials are quick to set up remotely via the app or
web dashboard and can be uploaded in bulk for an even simpler setup of numerous users. The same
access can also be revoked remotely as well, all from your mobile device or computer.


When it’s time to close up shop, you often run through a long checklist in your head of what needs to be
done before leaving. Using the Scene feature on the app, you can instantly turn off the lights,
lock the doors, set the thermostat, and arm your security system – all with a single touch of a button.
Scenes can be customized based on what you need them to do, so you can have multiple Scenes to
choose from throughout the day.

Get started with Smarter Access Control for your business today!


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