4 Ways to Protect your Front Door

Mar 10, 2021

Have you ever considered a smart lock for your front door or even a video doorbell?
These modern safety devices give you control and visibility over your home’s main entry, and they
become much more convenient when integrated into a single smart home solution.
With smarter home safety from All Systems Integrated and powered by Alarm.com, you might get the
entire package–making your front door (and entire home) the smartest on the block.

1: Video Doorbell

The Alarm.com Video Doorbell is the ‘eyes and ears’ of your front door’s access control. It’s apart
doorbell, part two-way communications apparatus, part surveillance camera–and it’s fully incorporated
into your alarm system.

When someone rings the bell, you see who is there immediately on your Alarm.com application. You
might have a two-way conversation with them during the doorbell’s speaker, whether you’re home or
not. Should you want to let them in, just click the ‘unlock’ icon on the exact same screen to set your

The doorbell can also be a surveillance camera, able to record and send you videos of activity at your
door, so you’ll never miss anything significant or suspicious that occurs there.

2: Smart Lock

Here’s a feature your front door should not have: a spare key hidden nearby for intruders to find.
Instead, get an Alarm.com-powered smart lock, with a ten-digit keypad that eliminates the need for any
key whatsoever.

You will create a distinctive four-digit code for members of the family members and people you trust to
get your home. Besides opening the door, these codes can generate automatic smartphone alerts, so
that you could keep tabs on your kids arriving home, or contractors arriving and leaving.
Remote unlocking and locking are easy–and if you ever forget, the app will send you a reminder.

3: Smart Lighting

Smart lighting proactively protects your home by making sure that after-dark visitors find themselves
visible from the street. As part of an Alarm.com-powered smart home alarm system, it might be
triggered by a motion on the porch, by someone ringing your video doorbell, or by other detectors
around your home (like the garage door opening).

Besides giving you better security, smart lighting is convenient. You can control it with your application,
with Geo-Services, or with easy schedules that ensure you’ll always come home to some well-lit front
door when it’s dark outside.

4: Alarm.com App

Regardless of if you’re on the sofa, at the office, or on vacation, Alarm.com’s smart home safety
application places control of your front door at the palm of your hand. Just open your application to:

  • See who is at the door and have a conversation with them
  • View alerts and videos about significant activity at your door
  • Unlock your lock to allow access to the home
  • Control your lights from home or away
  • Secure your front door and complete the home with a single control

All Systems Integrated gives you the ability to safely manage your home in the palm of your hand! Your
Alarm.com application controls your home’s alarm system smart thermostat, opens your connected
shades and garage door, lets you see through your video cameras, turns your phone into a location-
based smart home trigger, and many other things as well.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free estimate on your new smart home system.


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