Plans on Going Out for Valentine’s Day? Here’s How to Safeguard Your House

Feb 5, 2021

Valentine’s Day is the best time to celebrate with your loved ones. But you need to be sure that your
special day is safe from disaster as well. Many burglars understand that people don’t spend the evening
at home, so be sure your home is safeguarded before leaving on your romantic night out.

Don’t Share Your Plans On Social Networking

By announcing your romantic getaway to all of Facebook, you’ve also alerted the world that you won’t
be home for a couple of days. Avoid sharing your plans with strangers so that your home won’t be
advertised as vacant.

Lock Your Doors And Windows

Make sure that your home is always locked uptight. Don’t keep windows unlocked, no matter which
floor they’re on. Make certain that all entrances are in fact locked before leaving. Smart locks provide a
convenient feature for homeowners, eliminating the worry of forgetting about doing these steps before
leaving home.

Keep Lights On

If you’re planning to be gone for several days, it is important to make your home appear occupied even
when it’s not. In the case of using lights on timers, or any home automation features, make sure to take
benefit of them. All Systems Integrated can provide automated solutions to scheduling lights, closing
blinds, and more. All can be managed remotely while you’re away from home, so there’s no need to
panic if you forget something!

Maintain Modest Quantities of Cash

Valentine’s Day is a crazy busy night for a lot of people. We all have specific plans. Protect yourself and
your wallet by maintaining valuables on your person to a minimum. If a catastrophe happens, at least it
was only a tiny amount to lose.

Keep Fire Safety in Mind at Home

If you’re not into a big night out or a weekend getaway, make certain you’re being careful when dining
in. Make sure you shut off the oven and blow out the candles before going to bed. You may also

consider using a smart thermostat to avoid using your furnace when no one’s home and a monitored
fire alarm system
provides peace of mind whenever you’re out and about.

Walk-In Populated Areas

A romantic walk is an ideal way to finish the evening, but ensure you’re staying safe. Don’t ramble down
dark alleys or areas that aren’t well lit. Burglars and pickpockets know this is a busy night.

Install A Home Security System

Whether or not you plan to go out for Valentine’s Day, if you’re concerned about your home while
you’re out for a long weekend, give yourself peace of mind by installing a home alarm system. With our
professional home security equipment, ASI will watch your home 24/7 and instantly notify emergency
personnel once your system detects an intruder.

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