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Feb 26, 2021

As a business grows, so does the work it takes to manage it—especially when that business has multiple business

The challenges of adding a new storefront, restaurant, shop, or other sites can create an overwhelming
amount of worry that comes with expanding your business. A new technology solution could help you
scale more efficiently.

All Systems Integrated provides advanced business solutions – with the help of technology
and their award-winning multi-location management features. Our app reduces complexity by giving a
single point of control for you and your team to perform essential functions, including security, access
, video monitoring, and efficient energy management for every one of your business locations.

When it comes to managing multiple business locations, whether it’s two or 20, using for Business to
keep an eye on them will save you time, money, and worries. Here are the top five benefits you’ll
discover using ASI and

1: Automatic security allows you to “set it and forget it” at scale

Protecting people and property is a herculean task that smart technology makes easy. Our automated
security safeguards, which include automatic system arming and door locking at closing time, need only
be set up once. Once we finish our installation and set-up process with your business, it takes just
seconds to automate by applying any rules you’ve set up for the rest of your business.

This doesn’t only apply to alarm systems. You can easily create rules across different locations to
monitor employee access, get activity-triggered smartphone alerts or conserve energy by automating
your smart thermostats.

2: Access control with user codes improves and streamlines your security

Outdated access systems weaken your security and become harder to manage as your business
expands. Our smart access technology does the opposite, protecting your business with centrally

controlled smart locks, easily managed user codes, and the option of a full keycard-and-reader solution.
A single login is all you need to control employee access anywhere at your business.

User codes are easy to set up, revoke, and manage in bulk. You can assign employees to customized
groups, with pre-set permissions determining which location(s) they can access and when—allowing you
to streamline and scale your access control to tens or hundreds of employees.

3: Smart business alerts let you stay on top of any emerging issues

Unlike your traditional security system, technology is proactive, alerting you to problematic
or unexpected activity at any of your locations, even when it’s not armed. The more locations you’re
managing, the more valuable this becomes.

For example, you can create a single “late opening” alert, then apply it at every location—eliminating
the need to manually check-in for every location, every day. You can be notified right away if a door is
left open, if a restricted area is accessed, or even if a thermostat is tampered with. You can also set up
customized video alerts to capture specific activity—take a look:

4: Multi-location video provides a real-time view of everything

The bigger your business gets, the more vital it becomes to have an eye on what’s going on. Our systems
give you a single video dashboard that combine multiple security camera feeds from various locations,
side by side, making it simple for you and your team to stay on top of things.

With four video streams on a single screen and the ability to set up and toggle between custom, multi-
location video groups (e.g., “front door cameras” or “kitchen cameras”), it’s simple to monitor activity
across your business in real time.

5: Customizable permissions let you delegate with clear boundaries

The larger your team, the more you’ll benefit from, especially when you delegate its
different functions to leads or to specialists, like a loss prevention officer. With multiple levels of user
permissions, we make it easy to give your team access to the features they need, and no more.

You can grant a manager the ability to set up or revoke an employee’s access, but only at that manager’s
location. You can give your loss prevention specialist access to every security camera feed without giving
them control of your smart thermostats. As the primary account holder, you’ll always retain the ultimate
ability to increase, decrease, customize, or remove your team’s permissions.

Interested in saving time and money with smarter business security?

Professionally installed by All Systems Integrated and scalable to hundreds of business locations, for Business gives you connected security, access control, video surveillance, and energy
management, all controlled with a single interface. To get started, contact us today!


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