Product Feature: Dahua 5 MP 5-in-1 Network Camera

Jan 29, 2021

Finding the right product for surveillance security is critical, especially for businesses operating with a
tight budget. The Dahua 5 MP 5-in-1 Network Camera combines critical security equipment and features
into one device, perfect for use by a small to mid-size business.

Let’s take a closer look at these features and how they can be used to give an edge up on your
business’s security.

Active Alarm Security

Systems are a great deterrent and protection against burglary, but what if your camera could
work in conjunction with an alarm event to scare off intruders? The active alarm feature triggers
automatically in response to an alarm, with configurable reactions. These reactions can include flashing
a bright, white-light illuminator, playing a built-in message, and sounding a siren to warn off trespassers.

Smart Dual Illumination

Getting a clear picture at night or in low-light conditions is important, and with smart dual illumination,
you can be sure you’re getting the full picture when you need it most. This mode utilizes both integrated
IR and white-light illuminators, which are triggered only when a person is detected entering the
camera’s FOV. The camera will otherwise remain in IR mode for power conservation and less

Face Mask Detection

Automated mask detection can help your business comply with local mask laws and improve employee
safety. When a camera detects someone without a mask, it will send users an active alarm message and
can play a voice alert notifying the person about the absence of a mask. The camera uses facial
recognition to scan for a face mask and can detect a person without a mask up to 17 feet away, perfect
for enforcing storefront entrance policies.

Smart Motion Detection

Smart Motion Detection (SMD) is a video analytics feature that notifies only when a person or vehicle is
detected. Surveillance systems without SMD tend to trigger false motion alarms, triggered by extreme
weather, rustling leaves, or animal moving by the camera’s field of view. SMD can be enabled with just
one click via the web interface.

Bi-Directional Talk

Thanks to built-in speakers and microphone, users can converse with an individual who triggered an
alarm, play a custom message, or use a pre-recorded option.

Interested in using this smart 5-in-1 camera in your storefront, office, or shop? Contact us today and
mention the Dahua 5MP 5-in-1 Network Camera in your message. All Systems Integrated is experienced
in offering customized solutions for commercial properties, including security and fire alarm systems
and monitoring. Get in touch today for a free quote on upgrading or installing a new smart system for
your business!


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