5 Risky Home Security Situations You Should Avoid

Jan 22, 2021

Everybody makes mistakes. But making mistakes with your home alarm system can be a big risk. If you
aren’t properly securing your home, you might be increasing the prospect of a break-in or burglary.
To help you to avoid that, our special alarm system technicians compiled a list of some of the most
typical home security mistakes that place you, your home, and your family members in danger.

1. Exposing Valuables to Outsiders 

Whenever possible, avoid leaving expensive items in plain view of casual passersby. Chances are, these
passersby could be more than meets the eye, and your brand-new ATV, boat, or SUV could be a signal
that attract thieves. 

Potential items include:

Automobiles, Computers and tablets, Jewelry, Keys, TVs, and Stereo equipment. Keep valuables out of
sight whenever you’re not using them. Close your garage doors, fold boxes from expensive purchases
before putting them out to the curb, and close drapes to protect belongings from prying eyes.

2. Forgetting Security System Credentials 

Forgetting the login credentials to your alarm system is another common mistake. Forgetting or
misplacing credentials not only obstructs professional system maintenance but additionally prevents
you from using remote capacities along with other important security features.
To prevent this misstep, consider using a password manager–but only select one from a well-vetted,
protected supplier.

3. Leaving Home Without Arming the Security System

It might seem obvious, but you could be astonished at how many of us forget to secure our homes
whenever we leave or turn in for the night. By the FBI’s 2018 Uniform Crime Report, 36.7 percent of
burglaries were unlawful or unforced entrance. Break-ins such as these can be thwarted with a correctly
functioning alarm system–but only if it’s armed.

Make it a habit to turn on your system as soon as you enter your home and right before exiting. If you
find yourself forgetting, you could go the traditional route and create reminders such as a note on the
door to prompt you.

There are also modern solutions that will automatically arm or disarm your system while you’re in
range. With this technology, known as geofencing, particular smart home rules and notifications–such
as the alert system, lighting, and thermostat–can be enacted based on your proximity to your home.

4. Neglecting Security System Maintenance

While self-testing is a great practice, security equipment ought to be checked regularly by an expert. Our
security technicians can offer a more specific analysis of your system, and professional care prevents
homeowners from accidentally damaging their system. For instance, testing a smoke alarm will require
an expert to not only properly handle equipment, but also accurately test the equipment’s effectiveness
without triggering a false alarm.

There are other maintenance measures that can be handled by homeowners, however, such as a low
battery. In this case, we supply our customers with replacements that are simple and easy to install. See
our video tutorials
on how to replace a low battery in your system, wireless contacts, and more.

5. Not Investing in an Entire Home Security System

Even though some security is better than no security, your system is better when it is an end-to-finish
solution. This usually means implementing alarms, cameras along with other smart house features that
work together in harmony for the most beneficial solution. As it pertains especially to safety needs,
cameras are becoming a must-have. Even when you are aware of your neighborhood and may make a
strong hypothesis about any crime taking place, it is frequently not enough to press charges against
burglars. You’ve got to have evidence.

That is where the cameras come in. To prevent making these along with other errors in your house
security installment, partner with a pro, like All Systems Integrated. You can get a free quote customized
to your unique security needs.


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