Fire Safety During the Holiday Season

Nov 20, 2020

During your holiday festivities this year, the last thing on your mind may be fire safety. However, holiday
season activities tend to put people at more risk of fire than any other time of year. That’s why we want
to give a quick rundown of fire safety stats and tips to keep in mind. Whether you’re deep-frying a
turkey or stringing up lights, now is a good time to learn about fire alarm safety and maintenance so that
you and your loved ones can be happily home for the holidays.

Reasons Fire Incidents Rise Over the Holidays

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has compiled a list of winter fire facts about the surge in fire
incidents around the country during the holidays. Below are just a few concerning residential fires:
• From 2013 to 2017, 160 homes per year caught fires as a result of tree decorations, resulting in
10 million dollars of property damage.
• In those same years, an average of 780 homes caught fire as a result of holiday decorations.
• About 60% of candle fires start due to something (ie. Couch, mattress, curtains, etc.) being too
close to the candle.
• Thanksgiving is the top day of the year for home cooking fires.

Many common holiday traditions and décor – though festive – create added risk for potential fires in
your home. But rather than forgoing these activities, it simply means paying extra care to what you do
and how you do it. It also emphasizes the importance of having a functional, professionally monitored
fire alarm system in your home – a sentiment that is true no matter the time of year.

Best Locations for Fire Alarms

As professional fire system installers, we have over three decades of experience when it comes to
installing smoke and fire detectors. A common misconception we often run into is the thinking that
smoke alarms should go in the kitchen. Unwanted false alarms can easily be triggered by the grease and
smoke from an oven or stove.

Dusty areas should also be avoided, such as garages and crawl spaces, due
to the dust particles lowering the effectiveness of a device. Smoke alarms should ideally be placed in
well-ventilated areas, away from sunlight. Below is a list of places in a home for a fire or smoke alarm to
be installed:
• Bedrooms
• Hallways near bedrooms
• Top of stairways
• Bottom of basement stairways
• Storage areas such as finished basements and attics

Now is the time to ensure your fire system is in working order for the holidays. All Systems Integrated
installs, tests, and maintains various alarm systems while providing 24/7 professional monitoring, so you
are never alone in an emergency. Contact us today for information on testing and installing fire alarm
systems, and make sure you are prepared for what the holidays bring.


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