8 Tips to Protect Your Car in Your Garage

Oct 8, 2020

You park your car in the garage every night and walk into the house without having to worry about how to protect it. With the number of garage thefts lately, we recommend checking out the eight following tips to keep your car safe. 

  1. Security System 

The garage in your home is a great place for an alarm system. This includes garage window and side door sensors into your security system. 

  1. Point Cameras 

Point at least one camera towards the entrance to your garage. Add another camera for the driveway. High-resolution video cameras are most often used in residences. There are many systems we offer that take footage instantly sent to dispatch when someone is attempting to break in. 

  1. Add Signage 

Add signs along your driveway which let thieves know the home has video cameras. All Systems Integrated has yard signs and stickers for our customers to stick on windows or doors.

  1. Go Smart 

Add a smart garage door controller to your garage system. Then you can use your smartphone to close the door out of everywhere, particularly useful if you forget to close it whenever you leave. 

  1. Add Lights 

Add motion detector lights in front of your own garage, on paths, and around the areas where it’s dim and thieves could hide. Use them with a smartphone app so you get notified right away if the lights go on. You may also install smart spotlights, then turn them on and away from anywhere from a smartphone. 

  1. Take any Garage Door Openers with You 

Take the garage door opener inside whenever you park the vehicle for the night. This way, a thief can’t steal it and lead to more problems in the future. 

  1. Cover Windows 

Use frosted windows, shades, or drapes to keep thieves out of seeing what’s in your garage. Adding bars to the windows will also help protect from burglars. 

  1. Shut Windows and Doors 

Before you hop out of your vehicle, close and lock all the doors and windows. In case someone does break into your own garage, this makes it much more difficult to steal or break into your car. Shut the garage doors as soon as you park your vehicle in the garage.  This helps prevent individuals from looking through the door to see what’s worth taking. You may also put your garage door on a timer set to close the doors within a certain number of minutes if you forget to do so.

All Systems integrated carries and installs a number of savvy smart devices you can use to keep your garage and home safe and secure. Contact us today for more information on smart automated garage door controls, as well as various cameras, motion detectors and alarm systems we offer. ASI provides free quotes for all customers, and provides comprehensive tutorials so you can confidently operate your system right from the get-go!


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