3 Gadgets that Will Help Protect Your Home From Germs

Oct 16, 2020

One of the best ways to stop germs from spreading around your home is by reducing the number of objects you touch. You may think this sounds harder in practice, but we have the tips and tricks to prove otherwise. With a little help from innovative smart home security, you can fight back against germs in your house.

As humans, we’re too busy going about our day to take a moment and wonder what is living on a surface before we touch it. But the unsettling reality is that germs can survive on surfaces for hours. In fact, cold and flu viruses can flourish for up to 18 hours before finally succumbing to the atmosphere. Sure, some good disinfecting and sanitizing can help remove germs. Still, not having to touch these surfaces altogether leads to even more protection.
The following smart home security products may help you stop the spreading germs:

  • Video Doorbell 
  • Cameras
  • Smart Thermostat 

Video Doorbell & Camera

Cameras are wonderful smart devices you may use to watch encounters or frighten away undesirable visitors, like porch pirates. A few of the most recent technology innovations turn doorbell cameras with night vision, Hi-def video, and integration with your smartphone. Which makes it workable to view your camera’s feed from anywhere.

So what does this have to do with germs? Well, let’s say you purchased takeout, groceries, or the delivery person is here for drop-off. You can cut back on face-to-face contact by using your doorbell camera to answer the door.

Smart Thermostat 

Don’t you hate it whenever you’re watching a movie or reading in bed, then suddenly you begin to feel too warm? Or, maybe you’re sitting at the kitchen table enjoying your dinner whenever you suddenly get the chills? The two of those cases demand adjustments to the temperature. And with a smart thermostat, you can make all the changes you need from the conveniences of wherever you might be.

Another upside to smart thermostats is their integration with smart speakers, like the Echo Dot or Google Home. This lets you use your voice to adjust temperature settings while also decreasing physical contact with something itself.

Some smart thermostats can know your schedule and understand your temperature preferences, reducing the need to make adjustments.
All Systems Integrated helps our customers be safer, both with home security and avoiding germs and viruses. Smart home automation helps out by not only making it easier to interact with your system but also keeping your interactions hands-free. For a free estimate on your new automated system, contact us today and mention ‘Hands-free Automation’ in your message.


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