Protect Your Locks with Smart Home Automation

Sep 30, 2020

As of late, we’ve seen many pieces of writing on how easy it is to pick locks to people’s homes. Luckily, this should bring no stress whatsoever when you have a monitored alarm system. Burglars can bypass standard locks using a variety of tools, including bump keys, lock picking sets, and (as cliché as it sounds) a credit card. With practice, picking a lock can be accomplished in seconds. Any petty criminal with some time on their hands can become quite practiced at lock-picking a standard residential lock. However, for most burglars, taking the time to pick a lock may not even be necessary – not when there are more direct methods of entering a home.

 The Federal Bureau of Investigation states 60.5% of burglaries are due to forcible entry methods that exclude lock-picking. Meaning, burglars will break into homes most often by avoiding attempts to open any door locks in the first place. This way of entry can involve direct methods, like breaking through doors and windows. Of course, the most direct entry point is one that is already open. Burglars will always first try to seek out a door or window that’s been left unlocked. This is quite unnerving, as a burglar would then be in a position to take and do whatever they please once inside your home.

Luckily, a monitored security system will be the greatest source of protection against this situation. Even if a burglar doesn’t set off the window or door sensor – which they more than likely will – they’ll still alert your security system by tripping the motion detector or glass break sensor. The system will then set off the siren and alert the central station, then allowing us to contact local law enforcement.

Even though it could be simple to pick locks and enter a house, this should be of little to no concern for individuals with monitored alarm systems. Of course, having and using a lock is still important. As stated earlier, a burglar will always try to look for a point of entry that is unlocked first before trying other methods.

All Systems Integrated specializes in securing residences and businesses. Out of all modern and advanced security devices available today, the best method of defense is a monitored alarm system. Discover more of what we offer in home and business security on our website and call us with any questions you may have. We offer free quotes to install a system and upgrade the existing system you already have.


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