Protect From Water Damage with the Smart Water Value + Meter

Sep 3, 2020

Among the greatest threats to your home is something you enjoy every day. It is cool. It is clear. It is calming. And it is costly to clear up.

Water damage from burst pipes, drips, and leaky appliances prices homeowners and insurers billions of dollars per year. Like home security issues, it happens fast, unexpectedly, and out of sight. From failed ceilings to mold-blackened basements, water damage is damaging, disruptive, and dangerous. Is there a solution?

Meet’s Smart Water Valve + Meter, available for your home or business.

Designed and developed by the technology team in Building36, it uses connected technology to detect leaks and shut them off automatically. As part of the whole-home Water Management solution, it can respond intelligently to drips and flows in various places of your home and enables you to use water with monitoring and insights.

Here is what makes this new technology a must-have for your home and your peace of mind.

Automated Flood Shutdown

When a pipe or hose fails your sole priority is switching off the water. If you’re home, and scramble to the water source in time once you spot the leak, you’ll stop disaster. If not, you’re flooded.

An automated flood shutdown will detect if a flood occurs and shut off the associated source of water. So, whether you’re aware of it or not, your home or busines will always be safe.

Our Smart Water Valve + Meter changes everything.

Installed at your home’s most important water source, its high-technology internal meter rapidly detects leaks and alarms your smart home alarm system. The system then activates the device’s onboard actuator, shutting the valve and shutting off your own water to cut damage.

A slow leak, over time, can be just as devastating as a flood. Worse yet, it may be weeks or months before you’re even aware there was a problem to begin with. By that time, significant property damage may have already occurred. Our Smart water Valve + Meter puts owners’ minds at ease, knowing that there are no hidden surprises awaiting them. Smart Water Valve + Meter Cutaway

By the time an alert reaches your phone, the most crucial issue is already taken care of, probably saving you from hundreds to thousand of dollars in damage repairs and sparing your possessions from being destroyed.

Since your home’s pipes is hidden, leaks rarely emerge from sight.’s integrated Water Management technology spots problems that you couldn’t, with wireless detectors that alert your alarm system to flows behind washers, sinks, water heaters along with other appliances.

Our Smart Water Valve + Meter also finds a wide array of other issues that cost you money. Its meter will assist you detect persistent escapes or running toilets that cause water bills to skyrocket with time. It can alert you to excessive water consumption at home or in a rental home. It can alert you to reduced water temperatures if your pipes are at risk of freezing in winter season.

Intelligent Responses, Easy Controls Powered by home security technology, our Smart Water Valve + Meter responds intelligently when it matters.

Because it is integrated with your alarm system, it knows whenever you’re home or away and responds accordingly. As an example, if somebody is carrying a long shower and your system knows you’re home, you’ll get a alert but the water will remain on. Likewise, if you’re away and one of your toilets is continuously running, the water will close off to save up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day.

Using the Smart Water Valve + Meter yourself, couldn’t be simpler. Once All Systems Integrated has helped finalize the installation, you’ll find the controls right there in your app—next to your security system, smart locks, smart thermostat, security camera feeds, and everything else.

Want to have a little more peace of mind in your life? Contact our office to get started today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and get you set up with a free estimate.


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