Preventing Package Theft in Three Easy Steps

Aug 27, 2020

Your shopping may be done from the moment you press ‘Checkout’ on your app, but that doesn’t stop porch pirates from getting in the way. According to our own research, one in four US homeowners has experienced package theft: an unwelcome trend that shows no sign of stopping.

With online shopping increasingly becoming more popular, do you have a plan to protect your doorstep deliveries? There’s an easy solution.

Using a modern home security system that utilizes a doorbell camera and smart lock, you can secure any package delivery in seconds, from wherever you are. Here’s how you can prevent package theft in 3 quick steps.

Step 1: Confirm Your Visitor

You’ll know a package has arrived when the delivery driver rings your doorbell camera, triggering a notification on your smartphone. Open your app for a live video view of the driver at your door, and tap the microphone button to talk with them.

Step 2: Supervise Your Delivery

Once you’ve spoken with the driver to verify who they are, you can ask them to leave the package inside your house and close the door afterward.

From there, unlock your door remotely using the same screen in your app. This action is able to disarm your alarm system too.

Step 3: Lock Your Door

Once the delivery driver has closed your door and your package is safely inside, use the app to lock up again. As an important final step, re-arm your security system to make sure that your home is securely protected for the rest of the day.

See how the whole process works in this video:

Preventing package thieves is simple with All Systems Integrated & technology. If your smart home is already secured with’s advanced technology, contact us about adding a doorbell camera and smart lock today.


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