Go hands-free with Amazon Echo Smart Home Commands

Aug 20, 2020

The Alarm.com skill for Amazon Echo makes it simpler than ever to control your smart house with the hands-free convenience of voice commands. Want to look at the status of your smart home alarm systems, change the temperature, or turn your living room light off? Just ask Alarm.com via Alexa, the Echo’s voice-controlled assistant.

Using one voice command, you are able to control all these devices at once. With Alarm.com and Alexa, you can use your voice to control and check the status of the most crucial connected devices around your property.

Simply say “Alexa, ask Alarm.com,” followed by your control or question. Alarm.com either give you a fast response via the Echo or automatically activates the device into action.

Voice-controlled safety

Securing your home hasn’t been easier. You’re able to ask Alarm.com to lock your front door and confirm that your home smart locks are locked. You are able to arm and check the status of your safety system along with your own garage door, and even tell Alarm.com to capture a video clip on any of your safety cameras.

If you would like many devices to behave all at once – for instance, your doors locking automatically whenever you arm your system, it is easy to connect to Alarm.com and make automation rules which can work with voice commands.

Voice-controlled relaxation

It is easy to control your Alarm.com Smart Thermostat with voice commands. You’re able to ask Alarm.com what the current temperature is and define the temperature at what level you’d like it to be. You could also decrease or increase your home’s temperature by 2 degrees by simply asking: “Alexa, ask Alarm.com to make it warmer/cooler.”

Voice-controlled lights

When it comes to turning lights on and off, you are able to voice control many lights at once. Saying: “Alexa, ask Alarm.com to turn off the living room lights”, will turn off every light with “living room” in its name. You can even control the dimmer lights with your voice. You can ask Alarm.com to “set the dining room dimmer to 70 percent”. Get started by downloading the Alarm.com skill via your Amazon Alexa app.
The possibilities are endless with voice-controlled smart security powered by Alarm.com. All Systems Integrated is a certified Alarm.com partner, completing dozens of installs and tutorials for our customers, who now feel safer – and happier with their new systems. Find out what voice-activated
home automation can do for you and your family by contacting us today.


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