Easy Ways to Remember to Arm Your Alarm System

Jul 23, 2020

All Systems Integrated is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all our customers. That’s why we’re taking this moment to urge all our customers to remember to arm your system when you’re away from home, at bedtime, and even while you’re at home during the day.

For some homeowners, a traditional alarm system may be all one needs to confidently secure their dwelling. For others, it can be difficult to remember to arm your system on your way out the door, especially while in a rush. We know this is a common issue with many households that use an alarm system – and it’s only natural to forget sometimes! That’s why modern interactive systems – like the kind we provide in conjunction with Alarm.com – use various smart features to help users in their day-to-day lives, and take the pain out of forgetting to arm your system on the way out the door.

Arming Reminders

All Systems Integrated customers who use an Alarm.com device in their home can take advantage of arming reminders, so you never forget to arm your house again. Reminders send push notifications to your phone or other smart device, which in turn sends an alert if the system has not been armed by a certain time.

Learn how to set up an arming reminder:


Geo-Services is an advanced feature that notices when you’ve gone a certain distance outside your home without arming your system, then arms it for you. It does this by tracking your location via your phone. The app in turn can notify you when this occurs or can automatically arm your system without you having to do anything!

Geo-Services can be used with more than just arming & disarming your system. It can be used to lock your doors, change your thermostat, lighting, and more!

If your security system uses the Alarm.com app, watch this video to learn how to set up this feature:


Scenes are another handy way of making sure you’re utilizing your security system automatically at certain times of the day.

Scenes establish a series of actions with different smart devices that occur once you activate a scene. For example, say you have a scene for Nighttime. This Scene might turn off your lights, lock your door, and arm your system – all within your Alarm.com app!

All Systems Integrated has served the South Sound community for over 16 years, providing alarm systems that keep you and your family safe. We provide both self-monitoring services and 24/7 professional monitoring which alerts you and the proper authorities during an emergency. For these systems to work properly for you, they must first be used properly as well.

For more tutorials on how to use your system, check out our Video Library!If you’re interested in learning more about our smart security systems, contact us today for more information and to get started with a free quote.


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