3 Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoor Space for the Summer

Jun 4, 2020

Staying at home does not mean you have to stay indoors. Today, we have three ways you can use technology to make your outdoor living area into a private paradise. 

1. Enjoy Your Music While Getting a Tan Outdoors

 A spacious area you have is probably your backyard. So why not use that to the best use of it with tunes while you do your summer activities? That’s why we have outdoor speakers for this! Triad Garden Array speakers are the perfect landscape speakers designed to take on the weather – rain or shine! 

Engulf your outdoor area with high-quality sound to set the mood anywhere. The Triad Garden Array family of landscape speakers combine a range of satellite and subwoofer speakers you can have around your garden or patio area to get a full, vibrant sound. They even include balanced volume levels to deliver a cohesive sound. 

2. Bring Movie Night Outside

While gyms and movie theaters are closed, no doubt your workout routine and movie night have both been taking place at home and indoors. With summertime right on our doorstep, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy these activated outside? Sunbrite TV was designed exactly for the outdoors. 

The outdoor elements of rain, dust, humidity, or hot temperatures won’t stop this display from providing gorgeous colors in a clear visual, whether in shade or in direct sun. They have higher brightness, reduced glare, and sharper picture to balance the sunlight, unlike any other regular tv.

3. Connect with the World from Your Backyard

If you’ve ever tried your smartphone, laptop or tablet from your backyard, then you know how difficult it can be to get a strong enough signal from your home’s Wi-Fi network. When it comes to entertaining guests, or just moving your home office outdoors, this can be tricky.  The best way to expand your home’s network to your backyard is with a wireless access point.

A wireless access point, or WAP, will stretch your networks range in any direction you need it to go. Enjoy listening to your Spotify playlist, catching up on the latest Netflix shows, or do any internet-based activity without having to stay inside.  It’s never been so easy to connect with the world, from the comfort of your own backyard!

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