Interactive Cellular Cameras: Next-Level Home Security

May 14, 2020

Consider the apps you use on your phone daily. From banking to shopping online. Your life revolves around these connections and the conveniences they provide. That’s the reason an interactive cellular camera system could make your life easier.

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Cellular security cameras are a type of surveillance system which may be installed in homes and businesses. They are distinctive from other types of surveillance since systems since they don’t demand a hard-wired connection. Rather, they connect to a network for data transport. Due to their wireless connectivity, cellular cameras are one of the most accessible methods for keeping tabs on your house at all times. Read on to find out how cellular security cameras can improve your current system.

A Safer System

Surveillance systems, wired or wireless, provide tremendous peace of mind. That said, it is important to acknowledge the potential for a wired system to be compromised. Wireless cameras send and retrieve through their network connection, while a wired camera used a physical connection. This means an intruder can cut that connection with one simple snip. There can be workaround to this, but it’s an important factor to consider when researching surveillance systems.

Other factors to consider with cellular cameras are their power source. Wired cameras not only send data through a physical source, they often only receive power through a physical source, too. If power is cut off, some sort of backup will have to be used, else the feed it cut. Since cellular security cameras are battery powered, they are usable through a power outage.

Remote Viewing Made Easy

Mobile applications and integrations with home automation programs are two useful security innovations. Cellular security cameras incorporate well with these technologies. Since the cameras use cell service, like your phone, it’s easy to stream a live feed from anyplace on your mobile device. Whether you are on vacation or running errands for the day, mobile security solutions keep you in the loop.

Viewing a security feed may become a regular feature use with your mobile phone app. That means it’s all the more critical to make sure your access to your security feed is protected in the event you lose your phone or have an attempted login from an unknown source. Always look for a security supplier whose application is password protected with two-factor authentication. This guarantees the link to your cameras is secure.

Location Flexibility

With no need for electric outlets or wiring to a specific spot. Wireless security cameras can be placed anywhere on your property. Cameras can be moved from place to place by a licensed technician, so there is no need to worry about installing your cameras at a different location in the future. Such versatility makes it simpler to place cameras at the right locations to capture intruders.

These are just a few of the many wonderful features that an interactive cellular camera system can provide. All Systems Integrated specializes in top-quality surveillance and alarm systems. We employ licensed technicians who will help you set up and provide you a comprehensive tutorial on how to use your new system.

To find out more about what choices are available for your alarm system, call our office at (253) 770-5570 and find what solution is best for your home.


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