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May 14, 2020

Automation and smart home control is a superb way to make your life easier, more convenient, and more fun. But the advantages do not stop there. There are all types of methods to help protect your family and home with automation. The two areas your business and house need a little extra security the most are with locks and lighting.

Home Automation for Locks

The biggest advantage to the latest smart automated security systems is the ability to remotely access your system. This means that you can control your security system regardless of where you are. Gone are the days of forgetting to lock the door on your way out of the home, shop, or office! Just simply check our app to see the status of your system and tap a button to arm or disarm from wherever you are.

Any smart device with access to the internet can do this. Whether you rather use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop, the options are endless.

Notifications are an easy way of reminding yourself to secure your system, or for seeing any unexpected arming or disarming event. Your system may notify you via push notifications, text, or email if the door is unlocked, so you make sure your house or business is protected.

Automation goes beyond arming or disarming your system. You may even set schedules to make sure the doors lock at a specific time, such as right at bedtime. Remotely locking your doors is possible, too. In an instance where your kid comes home from school before you are home from work, you want to make certain the doors are locked behind them. Or, say you have a service professional coming to repair something indoors, you would like to make certain the home is unlocked for them to enter the home, and locked again after they leave. With smart home automation, all of this is possible!

Home Automation for Lights

Putting an automated schedule for your lighting with smart home control is convenient and easy. Not only will it help you have on your electricity bill, it keeps your house more secure. If you’re out of town for business or vacation, getting your lights to come on at nighttime may keep intruders at bay by giving the appearance that someone is at home.

Automated and motion lighting can also be a great benefit for seniors. Among the largest risks for the elderly is falling, especially at nighttime. Lighting automation can help prevent this by scheduling lights to come on at times when you’re most active, or by remotely turning on lighting in a room via the app. Setting upward-facing motion detectors in rooms and hallways will turn on lights as you walk by, not when your pet does, helping to prevents falls at any time.

Learn more about what we can do for your home or businesses security, then contact us for a free estimate on automating your security system today!


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