The Future of Smart Door Lock Technology

Feb 25, 2020

Innovating Your Door’s Deadbolt

Smart door lock technology has gone through several trends over the past decade. From various products integrating IP, wireless, IoT and Bluetooth technologies with your average deadbolt, we’ve learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how the future of entry security will look like.

Merging technologies points the way to major innovations in electronic locking devices. Embedding cameras, utilizing Z-Wave, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities play a big part in how the modern lock looks today.

Smart Access, Secure User Control, Peace of Mind

Utilizing smartphones to connect and interact with your home’s smart door lock has grown even over the past year. Peter Boriskin, chief technology officer from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Americas, says “Mobile adoption has been increasing steadily over the last decade, with significant milestones in 2019.” Smart locks are proving that these devices are moving beyond risk mitigation to intelligent access control, ease of entry for the homeowner, and cost-effective security compliance for business owners. One of the biggest areas of adaption has been among small and medium business and school security purposes. Boriskin says, “Growing capabilities in the residential space continue to drive customer expectations in the commercial space.”

The convenience of mobile credentials will continue to drive the market for smart locking systems in 2020. Residential owners can enjoy the ease of remotely controlling building access for events like short-term rentals or package deliveries. For commercial and business owners, the same seamless experience carries over into more cost-effective solutions. User codes are easily changed for each individual, and unique for each user. Moreover, this lets you negate the cost of lost or stolen credentials such as keycards.

Going Forward

Over the coming decade, predictions range on how exactly common mechanical devices will change. WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth are among the foremost technologies we may see. The next iteration of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) is another technology to look for. “UWB will enable hands-free access to entry and exit points,” says Broiskin “It can decipher whether a credential holder is simply walking by a door or is actually walking toward the door to enter.”

AI is another surprising prediction for the coming years. While AI today resides mostly in the space of video and analytics, there are exciting possibilities for the future of AI with door security and locks, including knowing how many times a door was accessed at what part of the day and how a user typically behaves. This type of technology can go a long way into securing your home or business in a smart, hassle-free way.

Industry-Leading Technology and Professional Installation

The ability to automate your door lock leaves many of us feeling both excited and astounded. Smart automation offers so many possibilities, it can be challenging to keep track of the changes modern technology is going through. To close, Broiskin reassures us with this advice on the coming decade of automated locks; “Have an open mind. The biggest changes in 2020 and certainly the next decade will require a different mindset when it comes to security. Access control is no longer about who gets into and out of an opening. It’s about what happens at the opening and how. Access control is security, convenience and much more.”

All Systems Integrated works with tried and true technology, employs highly trained technicians, and above all remains committed to a high-quality standard we’ve embodied for over 15 years. Get started with upgrading your smart home’s security by giving us a call at (253) 770-5570 or contacting us through our website form today.


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