Tips on Preventing Home Invasion

Jan 7, 2020

If you’re looking to keep potential burglars from entering your home, a security system is widely regarded by experts to be the best deterrent. According to a study by the UNC Charlotte, burglars have admitted to looking for an alarm system in a home 83% of the time, with 60% saying they would change their mind about breaking in upon discovering one installed. However, there are several other ways to ward off would-be home invaders that can help increase the odds in your favor. Here is a selection of tips on preventing home invasion.

Fortify Windows

Many people think of door access first for home entering, but windows can prove to be just as handy to an intruder. Consider blocking access to low basement windows with a metal bar or grate. Use window locks before leaving home or install a window wedge to keep windows from opening beyond a certain point.
For a simpler solution, the access sensors and glass break detectors utilized with many standard alarm systems provide an easy way to guard windows.

Keep Up with Landscaping

Keeping a well-maintained yard not only looks great, but it can be the reason a burglar might pass up your house. Any large amount of brush or debris around your home becomes an object for an intruder to hide behind, especially if these are near easy access points to your home like doors or windows.

Don’t Hide Spare Keys

You may have heard this safety tip many times before, but it’s an import one to consider. If you find a crafty way to hide a spare key outside your home, chances are that someone else is crafty enough to discover that key too. A spare key is a golden ticket to entering a home, especially when you consider a burglar being able to enter several different times without you noticing.
If you’re someone who tends to forget house keys, an automatic door lock with a keypad would be a handy solution while keeping your home secure.

Form a Neighborhood Watch

There’s always strength in numbers and knowing someone is on your side always helps to keep peace of mind. A neighborhood watch is a great means to recognizing those around you and keeping an eye out for one another. Neighborhood watches can also advocate for better street lighting in their area, which is shown to reduce crime.

Leave the Lights On

On the topic of lighting, lights inside your home can also dissuade burglars. Lights not only give the idea that someone is home, but it makes it easier for someone to recognize a suspicious person inside. For similar reasons, motion activated lights outside are also significant to keeping unwanted intruders away.
Remembering to leave on lights when you’re out can be tricky, so automated lighting is a great solution. Lights integrated with a security system makes for easy control from afar through our mobile app. Automated blinds are also an option for this as well.

Get a Security System

Above all, a security system is the best means in preventing home invasion. In 2017, The National Council for Home Safety and Security found only 17% of homes had any kind of alarm system installed. Considering these statistics, there’s a good chance that you or someone you know doesn’t have a monitored security system. If this is the case, we encourage you to contact All Systems Integrated today to get a free quote on a new security system.

Call our office at (253) 770-5570 or send us an email to get started with the most valuable home safety tool you’ll ever own.


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