Securing Your Family’s Network and Mobile Devices

Jun 25, 2019

Keeping your personal information safe from would-be cyber criminals can feel daunting but establishing a few preventative measures with your family can go a long way. Stay safe online and on-the-go with the following safety tips from All Systems Integrated.

Learn to Spot Suspicious Email: Phishing scams typically target older adults. Keep an eye out for phony job offers or fake sweepstakes. Consider registering your email address with a service that reduced the amount of junk mail you receive.

Set Rules for Passwords: Set guidelines for regularly updating and creating secure passwords. Try using passphrases, a string of unrelated words that are hard to guess. Never use the same password in more than one place.

Be Wary of Public Networks: While a great convenience, a public WiFi network leaves an open door for cybercriminals to access your information.  Your phone automatically remembers networks you’ve connected to in the past and will do so once in range – allowing someone to set up a rouge network to trick your phone. Be sure to turn off this feature on your phone, take care in selecting which networks to use and use a VPN service whenever using a public network.

Avoid Using Public Charging Ports: When you use a public charging station, you risk someone hacking into your phone’s information. Often, the same cords that are used to charge your phones can also be used to access files. Consider using your own portable battery or charge-only cord.

Create a House Social Media Policy: An online presence is one of the easiest ways a hacker can access your information. Develop a household rule about what kind of personal info to share online and consider setting profiles to be private.

Update Your Router’s Firmware: You home router will occasionally have firmware updates, which often patch security holes. It’s a good idea to have a routine of checking for updates or setting your device to auto-update when available.Modern home security involves having some savvy know-how when it comes to online and personal security. All Systems Integrated uses quality products with advanced encryption technology, so our customers stay protected even when we’ve finished our installation. If you have any questions about how you can stay secure in the modern technological age, give our office a call at (253) 770-5570, or contact us via our website.


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