Protecting Your Pets and Family at Home with A Monitored Fire Alarm

Jun 20, 2019

Many of us worry about what could happen while we’re away from home, when all that’s needed for peace of mind is a professionally monitored system. While many people may only consider monitoring their burglar alarm system, this is only one aspect to completely securing your home. When All Systems Integrated talks about home security, we also mean monitoring your home’s smoke and CO detection systems.

According to the NFPA, most household fires occur at night. This makes it even more important to have a working smoke alarm system. The only thing more disarming than encountering a fire in your home is being awoken from a deep sleep by one. Being able to evacuate the home safely and calling 911 is aided by having an alarm system that notifies the fire department for you.

The same sentiment rings true when it comes to leaving your pets at home. If a fire broke out while you weren’t home, your dog or cat wouldn’t be able to pick up the phone for help. With a monitored smoke alarm system, help arrives at the door even when you aren’t there.

For proper fire and smoke protection, a smoke detector should be placed in; every bedroom, outside every bedroom, in a basement near the stairs, the garage or any area with combustible materials, and on every story of a building. Some larger homes may require more smoke alarms in order to be effective.

Carbon monoxide detectors can also be monitored as well. Many combination Smoke and CO detectors are available, including from ASI. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, invisible gas that can leak into your home from any gas-powered household appliance, including stoves and heaters. Unlike smoke, it does not rise, meaning that your pets and children are especially vulnerable. A CO detector is the only way to alert you to a CO leak and having this monitored means that help will automatically arrive.

To effectively detect a carbon monoxide leak, CO detectors should be placed at least 15-20 feet away from any gas-powered appliances, and within 10 feet of your garage if it is attached to your home.

Protecting your home from fire or carbon monoxide only takes a quick installation of the proper detectors. If your home is already monitored by All Systems Integrated, adding smoke and CO alarms to your monitoring plan comes at no additional monthly cost. For those looking for more incentive, having a monitored system can also earn you a discount on your homeowners’ insurance policy.Ready to get started with installing your new home smoke & CO detection system? Contact us today or give us a call at (253) 770-5570 for a free estimate.


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