3 Myths of Home Security and What You Should Do Instead

Jan 21, 2019

Anyone who is serious about home security can still fall prey to popular myths that actually won’t make your home safe. Based on our experiences in providing the best protection we’ve come up with the 3 biggest offenders in security breaches from burglars.

Myth1: Leaving the outdoor lights on all night scares off burglars. It makes sense at first that a light in the home would stop thieves, but not so, actually. As children, we are taught that lights in the building works, but what you are really doing is giving the possible intruder a clear visual route to enter. 

You are actually light their way. They’ll be capable to find the hinges, the hardware, and the windows. Instead, use motion detection light to startle the intruder. They have no idea if it is a movement light or if the owner flipped the switch to see them.

Myth 2: Deadbolts do the job. Most front doors with deadbolt and a locking doorknob could actually be kicked in. It does not take the Incredible Hulk to be able to brute force it. Just an individual of average strength can do it. French doors are particularly vulnerable because it has two doors with a great deal of windows to it’s back. 

Thus a burglar could just smash the glass, reach in and open the door. Security cameras and home goods stores sell glass security product made of Mylar film that is applied to the inside of the window. Once dried and hardened, it prevents the intruder from getting in. The glass typically won’t break right off and if it breaks, it remains in the web impact, so there is still won’t open.

The material makes a security barrier comparable to an automobile windshield that is designed to be shatter resistant within an impact. The best protection is either front and rear steel door or a floor mounted duvet, blocking kick-in strikes. 

The right type of door brace can withstand up to almost 1, 800 pounds of force. Human beings cannot kick these in our tests. 

Myth 3: A home security system is all you have to stay protected. A fantastic home security systems will help keep your family secure and might lead to a reduction in your house insurance. . The challenge is that families frequently turn off their alarm system when they are home, so if there is a home invasion, they are not protected. If you are going to have an alarm system, we’ve found, leave it on.

Additionally, it’s fantastic to have an alarm system employing a surveillance camera that whose footage authorities may use to verify a break-in. Between 94% to 99% of all intruder alarms are false alarms, according to the Alarm System Reviews, which claims video verification of alerts is the best approach authorities.

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