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Sep 15, 2016

Megapixel IP Cameras vs. Analog Cameras

For years, the standard in surveillance cameras continued to be analog cameras. Oftentimes grainy, poor quality images from these cameras made it difficult to identify a license plate number or a suspect. However in recent years, the new IP Megapixel surveillance cameras have been introduced to the market, boasting better image quality and many other key features that make these cameras the best choice in surveillance.

As far as image quality, IP Cameras have a resolution that is 6 to 20 times higher than that of an analog camera. This, coupled with progressive scan CMOS sensors, can offer clearer shots of people and vehicles then ever before. Recent advancements in technology have made the IP megapixel cameras more afford-able then in past years. Although megapixel IP cameras cost more then analog, the addi-tional investment is worth it to achieve the images that you would desire.

IP Cameras are powered by only one small Cat5e cable, which can also save time and money on installation.

Additionally, IP cameras can be viewed on any PC, Tablet/iPad or iPhone/Android Smartphone. They can also be programmed to do many different things for your security; i.e. send a text message whenever motion is detected.

Storage is also revolu-tionized, allowing you to store video onto a microSD card within the camera itself. This serves as a back-up in case the NVR is ever broken or stolen.

Give our office a call and our knowledgeable staff can help with the best surveillance camera system for your residence, business, rental property, or vacation home.

Outdoor Audio Systems

During the summer we spend a lot more time outside on the back patio or in the yard barbequing, playing games, and simply hanging out with our friends and family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have some music or video out there with you. ASI can show you how this can be a built-in feature to your home. We even have systems that now can be controlled by your smartphone or I-Pad.

Give our office a call and our professional and knowledgeable staff can meet with you in your home to give you a Free estimate on all the possibilities.

Monitoring Account Updates

As a friendly reminder to our customers, you should check with us to make sure that our monitoring center has the most updated contact information with who you want notified during a security or other alarm trouble conditions. In many cases with out-of-date contact information, family or friends you have listed to call are no longer available at the numbers you originally provided.

Updating your contact list is a very simple process. Just send an email to: Allison@asinw.com

When emailing your new contact list, please be sure to include your account number and the list of numbers and people to call in the order you would like them called.

Simply email us with the bolded Sample informa-tion in the next column:

Account G2-9XXX
1. Bob Smith 253-555-5555
2. Maggie Smith 253-555-5556
3. John Smith 253-555-5557

There is no need to send any other information unless you have special instructions you would like added to your account. Once we receive your email we will reply back by email to confirm the changes have been applied to your account. Thank You.


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