Custom Home Theater – November 2013 Newsletter

Sep 15, 2016

Custom Home Theater – November 2013 Newsletter

Customers who refer friends and family to ASI for any monitored security system will receive 2 months of free monitoring credited to their account for each new customer referral that has their security system locally monitored by ASI

As promised in our July newsletter we have added the video tutorials for the DSC Security systems to help in basic programming and day to day use of your security system. Go check them out and let us know what you think.

ASI Can Customize Your Family Room Or Bonus Room Into A Home Theater

It’s “FOOTBALL TIME”. Wouldn’t it be great if your friends and family could come over and watch the big games on your new custom mounted Flat Screen TV with surround sound? Of course you will be able to use the same system to plan a fun movie or gam-ing night as well.

A custom home theater installation from ASI will even include connecting in your new gaming system so that you will be immersed in surround sound as you are playing your Xbox 360, Wii U or PS3.

One of our trained and knowledgeable staff members would be glad to help you decide on your new home theater system to give you and your family the most exciting and memorable season yet. Our staff members would love to come out to your home and provide you with a free estimate for the installation of your new home theater system, all within your budget. From Our Family to yours. ASI would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!!!

Testing Your Security System

It is important that you test your security system regularly to ensure that every-thing is in good working order. In order to test you system the first step is con-tacting the monitoring center at 253-770-5570 and letting them know that you will be testing your system. Please make sure your system is on test for a mini-mum of 30 minutes.

When testing for communication func-tionality it is easiest to press a panic but-ton on one of your keypads. This can be accomplished by pressing and holding the key in the picture to the right for 2 or 3 seconds. Please note that some key-pads may have a split button next to this symbol. If your keypad has the split but-ton be sure to hold both buttons at that same time to send the signal. If you have a different keypad than what is pictured, please contact us for more information on how to test your system.

To test each of your zones it may be easiest to turn on the chime feature and open each zone. If you do not hear the chime when you open a zone there may be an issue with that zone. If there is a problem with a zone please call our of-fice and see about having a technician scheduled to fix the zone that is not working, or to test your system com-pletely for you.

DON’T FORGET TO Update your Contact list

If you have not done so already we highly recommend updating your contact list for your security monitoring. You rely on the ASI monitoring center to notify you if there is an alarm. In turn we rely on you the customer to make sure you are keeping your contact informa-tion up to date. Please email your up-dated contact list to:

as soon as possible so there is no mis-communication in the event of an alarm. Once we receive the updated information we will email you a confir-mation that your information has been updated.

In the event of a false alarm if we do not have proper contact numbers, police could be dispatched to your home resulting in costly false alarm fees.

Let’s work together to make sure there are no delays in reaching you in case of an alarm.

Daylight Savings Time ends November 3, 2013

The end of daylight savings is November 3, 2013. This means it is that time when we must set all our clocks back. The setting back of all the clocks should include you security system as well. You can check out the video tutorial on our website about how to change the date and time on most DSC keypads. But just in case you do not get a chance to go online and check out the tutorial, I have included the instructions below for your convenience.

Changing the date and time is just entering a se-quence of numbers into your keypad. You will need your four digit code, which for our demo below will be 1234, you will be using a 24 hour clock format to enter the time and a six digit for-mat to enter the date. The sequence for 1pm 11/3/13 is: *6 1234 1 1300 110313

Security Yard Signs

If you would like to have a sign in your yard showing your system is secured by ASI, call our office and we can have one ready to be picked up or we can ship them to you at an additional cost. Additional signs can be purchased by our monitored customers for $15 + tax and our Non-Monitored customers for $25 + Tax.


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