When it comes to a decision as important as your families Safety and Home Security, ASI encourages you to compare our Commitment to giving you one of the Very Best Comprehensive Security System solutions available today. We encourage you to do your research and choose a Local Company, with a sincere, service-minded approach to exceeding our customer's expectations.

There are many of our Satisfied Customers that can attest to their prior experiences with some of the many Large Corporate Conglomerates security system companies, who were more concerned about their profits & contracts, then delivering the customer service they deserved.

As our Mission Statement states, the ASI team takes great pride in establishing lasting relationships with our customers by providing the Highest Value in the Services and Security Systems we offer. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff strives to help our customers make the best decisions for their home, business, and budget, through education…..not pressure. ASI employ's professional installers, (Not Sub Contractors), who take great pride and meticulous care during the installation process and treat your home as if it were their own to ensure that you are pleased with your new home security system. When the installation is completed, our staff will familiarize you with your new home security system and make your feel comfortable and confident in the operations of the. These are just a few reasons why ASI has so many happy customers that refer their family and friends to us.

Key Benefits:

  • Advanced home monitoring technology
  • Tamper Resistant technology
  • No phone line or Internet connection required
  • Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed Stay aware with email and text notifications
  • Control your home via the web or mobile app

Better Security

Dedicated Connection

Stay protected and connected, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected or the power goes out. Learn More.

Crash & Smash Protection

Our technology protects you from an intruder destroying your security panel by sending an alert at the first sign of entry. Learn More.

Two-Way Voice

Industry-leading two-way voice technology keeps you safe and connected during any emergency. Learn More.


Integration of door locks with your security system allows for remote door lock control. Learn More.

Interactive Services

Remote Control

Access your home interactive security system from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Learn More.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive text or email notifications from your house when there is any activity at your property. Learn More.

Mobile Apps

Free mobile apps with intuitive technology keep you connected and in control. Learn More.

We invite you to compare the service and Value we deliver as a Local Puget Sound area company versus the large Corporate Conglomerates and we know you will make the same decision as so many of our Satisfied Customers have…

All Systems Integrated (ASI) - The Best Choice for Your Family or Business!

Product Section:

Motion Detectors (Wireless)

  • Provide a second line of defense
  • Provide full home security and the ability to arm specific areas
  • Include pet-friendly capabilities up to 85 Lbs

Placement Possibilities:

  • Bedroom hallway
  • Family room with entertainment electronics
  • Room in the middle of the home
  • "Spot protection" of valuables, such as jewelry or artwork

Glass Break Detectors (Wireless)

  • Decrease detection time during an attempted intrusion
  • Activate alarm before intruder is able to force entry
  • Provide an alternate means of protecting "fixed" glass

Wireless Panic (With 2 Way Communications)

  • Pendant panic unit gives quick and easy wireless notification to our dispatchers from anywhere in the home
  • Dual-button operation makes triggering a false alarm almost impossible
  • Works around the clock at home – even when your security system is not armed
  • Ideal for older adults

Door/Window Contacts (Wireless)

  • Supervised wired and wireless contacts – if one becomes misaligned, dislodged or battery gets low, a signal goes to the keypad to notify you of a problem
  • Contacts placed inconspicuously (Various Colors available to match your décor)

Smoke Detector Alarms (Wireless)

  • Monitored wireless smoke detectors outperform conventional smoke detectors
  • Designed to send a signal to our home security system monitoring center when smoke is detected
  • Active 24 hours a day – regardless of whether the home security system is armed
  • Wired detectors are backed up by a standby battery to keep you safe in the event of a local utility power failure

With Heat Detection

  • Sense rapid rise in heat that may indicate a fire before smoke is produced
  • Especially useful with virtually smokeless natural gas and propane fires

With Temperature Detection

  • Help prevent injury to loved ones
  • Alert you when temperature is above a preset range
  • Help prevent major property loss

Carbon Monoxide Detectors (Wireless)

  • As important as smoke detector alarms adding an additional level of Safety to your home
  • Sound off an audible alarm when harmful levels of gas are sensed
  • Work around the clock – even when your security system isn't armed
  • Notifies central monitoring

Water Leak and Flood Detection (Wireless)

  • Alert homeowners that water levels in a specific area are over a certain depth
  • Help prevent extensive property damage
  • Work well with water heaters and sump pumps Qolsys Qolsys
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